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Terminology Engine v2 - Overview


The entire section on Terminology Engine v 2 (TEv2) is still under construction.
As TEv2 is not (yet) available, the texts that specify the tool are still 'raw', i.e. not yet processed.
readers will need to see through some (currently unprocessed) notational conventions.

The Terminology Engine (v2) is a set of specifications and tools that caters for the creation and maintenance (i.e. curation) of terminologies, as well as for its subsequent use in publications of different types (e.g. websites, whitepapers) and formats (e.g. html, LaTeX), as appropriate for different, individual scopes.

The following perspectives are meant to help you get an overview of TEv2 and its intended impact:

  • Understanding One Another is what it ultimately is all about. This perspective describes our take on this.
  • Purpose. This perspective states the objectives that we seek to realize with TEv2.
  • Design Principles. This perspective describes the main ideas behind the ways in which TEv2 has been designed.
  • Architecture. This perspective provides an overview of the files, tools and how they interrelate.
  • Terminology Support. This perspective describes the mental model we use to think about what we're doing.