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SSI Infrastructure

Short Description

The SSI Infrastructure consists of the technological components that are (envisaged to be) deployed all over the world for the purpose of providing, requesting and obtaining qualified data for the purpose of negotiating and/or executing electronic transactions.

Like any other (hard) Infrastructure, such components are (to be) designed to be interoperable, both

  • 'horizontally', i.e. with other infrastructural components, and
  • 'vertically', i.e. that it is very easy for other software applications to use them.

It is foreseen that SSI components in this infrastructure are designed and created in a generic way, and hence need to be customizable, so that an individual component can work according to the (needs and preferences|policy)-of-the parties for which it is an agent.

This implies that the SSI Infrastructure (a 'hard' infrastructure) needs to be complemented with a complementary 'soft infrastructure', e.g. as can be provided with assurance communities.


The SSI Infrastructure supports the sustainable functionality of parties by providing IT services and facilities necessary for (electronic) transactions to be negotiated and executed.